We believe The Way to healing and hope is found through the Person and the Path of the One who gives life. The Way Biblical Counseling Ministry walks alongside of those who are struggling, bringing them before The Gentle Healer who loves us and changes us by His grace, offering them a whole new way of seeing and of living life, helping them move from brokenness toward wholeness through the transforming power of the gospel.

Biblical Counseling

We are followers of Jesus Christ and fellow strugglers and sufferers who are committed to walking with others in God's love, comfort, and grace, engaging with Him, and connecting His Word to life. We welcome all strugglers on the human journey and seek to bring them into the Presence of God who loves and welcomes us, who is for us and committed to us, that they might know Him more deeply in their struggle and find healing, hope, purpose and joy in His Better Story for their lives.

We seek to equip the church through counseling, teaching, and training to better understand how Christ and His gospel speak to all of life, how our relationship with Him informs our relationships with others, how we are more alike each other than we are unalike - struggling in similar ways though in different measures, so that we might grow together in His likeness and become instruments of His healing and hope in the lives of others.

We also desire to support fellow counselors in the church with resources that restore Christ to counseling and entrust counseling to the body of Christ.